20 May


We’ve spent the last few days doing a whole lot of not much. Turns out Chile has decent supermarkets so we’ve made a few good meals, even a cheese platter and red wine (though I’m sorry to report that we couldn’t find haloumi). Nem’s been for a few surfs and we’ve been chilling out mucho.

The highlight so far has been a local football match that we went to this afternoon – Iquique vs. Arica – complete with anthems, yellow cards, red cards, fights, last minute goals and riot police. Good fun and, to top it all off, Iquique won.

Tomorrow we’re off to Arica – a smaller surf town about 5 hours up the coast from here. A few nights there, over the border and into Peru for a few nights in Arequipa and then off to Lima to fly out to Bali.

P.s – haven’t taken any photos so stole one from Google. Just pretend it’s mine and don’t tell the photographer because I doubt its Creative Commons. Gracias!


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