Salar De Uyuni

12 May











We’ve just made our way into Chile after 2.5 days on the Salt Flats of Uyuni. I actually didn’t think we’d make it through the first day – for some reason we thought it would be a terrible idea to sleep before our 6.50am flight from La Paz, so we partied the night away and said goodbye to our travel buddy Pete for the last time this trip. Big mistake. Bleary eyed and sleepless, we somehow made it to freeeeeeeezing cold Uyuni with very sore heads and a very cold toes.

We pushed through the first morning (though I may have been in a terrible mood – “Oh yeah. Old trains. Great. Lets go.”) but things got better as the day went on. We checked out the Salt Flats where Bolivians exports however many tens of thousands of tonnes of salt every year and then drove a bit further out onto the plains where we had lunch – I literally asked if there was any salt I could put on my meal, duh. After that we made out way to this little hill type thing covered in cacti, some over 900 years old, surrounded by the bright white salt desert and then onto our hotel for the night which was made entirely of salt.

The next day, feeling a lot fresher after going to bed at 7.30pm, we checked out more parts of the desert. Lakes, rock formations, more lakes and more rock formations (Liam even managed to find some barrels in them), flamingos, half rabbit/squirrels that came to munch on some pasta as we had lunch. Finished up playing Gin Rummy with the 60-somethings from our group and in bed by 8.30.

This morning it was up at 5am to see the Geysers spewing out sulfur steam and bubbling mud. I bailed to the car because it was about -1 degrees and I couldn’t feel my ears but Nem managed to get some good photos and not fall in to the pits. After that it was off to some thermal baths (amazing and, more importantly, warm) and then onto Chile.

We’re only going to spend a week or so here as I have to be up in Lima and the cost of this place is a bit of a shock to the system after months of cheap living, especially in Bolivia and Peru.

Over and out.

P.s- happy belated Mothers Day to our Mumsies. We love you mucho.












2 Responses to “Salar De Uyuni”

  1. Dad May 13, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    Hi Baby, love your photo’s. Glad your safe and well and making the most of it.
    All good here, at a community called Lajamanu, 500klms south east of Katherine, just doing a bit of building and then painting for a month or so. Take care, love ya lots … Dad

    • shailei May 13, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

      Hello PapaBear!

      Only two more weeks here before I head to Bali to see everyone for a month. After that I’m heading back to Mexico for a month and then onto Canada to work for a while. Doesn’t look like I’ll be home anytime soon.

      Glad to hear work’s going well. Don’t work too hard though… you know, you’re getting old and all! Hahaha.

      Love you loads. Should try and skype soon if you have internet? Maybe when I’m in Bali in a few weeks.

      Love you loads xxx

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