Batman and Superwoman get down in La Paz

4 May







We’ve been in La Paz for the past 5 (or so) days, checking out the town, getting our gift shopping done and actually keeping our heads pretty low. Nem was sick for a few days so we’ve been behaving ourselves of an evening. We checked out San Pedro prison where Marching Powder was set and got in trouble from the guards for taking a photo, so we went around the corner and took one at another wall…. badass, we know.

Our big adventure has been rappelling face first down a 17 story building dressed as Batman and Superwoman. Not too scary, except for the first bit where you have to let out enough rope and lean forward so you’re perpendicular to the ground before you start walking. It’s definitely not as easy walking down as the guides make it look, you tend to subconsciously grip the rope really tight which means that you don’t go down but end up floating around in the air at about 14 stories with your legs flailing everywhere. At the 12th story you let go of the rope, out your hands out and free fall for about 20 meters with the guide stopping you about 3 meters from the ground.

Tomorrow we’re off to very sensibly bike down a safe and paved road with a slight decline (you’re welcome, Lyne) and then head to the jungle for 3 days of anaconda spotting, swimming with pink dolphins and getting annihilated by mosquitos on Monday morning.

Mumsy, this next photo is for you. They’re not as serious here as the guards from Prague. Love you loads and see you soon xx








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