From Peru’s Islas de los Uros to Bolivia’s Isla del Sol

30 Apr






We made it out of Cusco alive and onto a town called Puno on Lake Titicaca where we visited the Islas de los Uros (floating reed islands). While a bit of a tourist trap, the islands are a pretty cool sight to see. They’re made of two meters of floating mud, covered in about a meter of dried reeds and anchored at four points so that they don’t float any which way in Lake Titicaca. The families live in reed huts and don’t do much but fish, maintain the islands and entertain tourists like us. The highlight was catching one of the big traditional boats from one island to the other (actually being pushed by a tinny with a motor behind us) and having some little kids sing some songs from different countries – they had a French guy in stitches singing “Allouette”.

The next day we headed across the border into Bolivia to a town called Copacabana on the other side of Lake Titicaca. From there we jumped on a boat to the beautiful (but freezing) islands of Isla Del Sol in the middle of the lake. We went for a walk for about 40 minutes up to the western point of the island, checking out the little bays and views of snow capped peaks in the background. We were planning to stay there today to spend the day walking from one end of the island to the other, but didn’t take enough cash with us (a regular occurrence), so had to bail this morning.

We’re now in La Paz where we’ll be spending a few days, waiting for friends catch up with us from Cusco and other parts of Bolivia. Lots of stuff to do here – bike riding on Death Road (don’t ask if you don’t want to know, Mum), a trip into the Amazon jungle to catch piranhas and swim with pink dolphins, souvenir and gift shopping in the Witches Markets and quite a bit of partying.







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