Machu Picchu in point form

27 Apr

Day One

  • 6am start
  • Doug, our Zimbabwean/Australian friend – lots of fun and a wicked sense of humour – still drunk.
  • Start mountain biking downhill (thank God) from 4,000 meters next to snow capped peak. Beautiful and cold. My middle finger literally turned blue.
  • 3 hours of biking. All downhill. Lots of fun.
  • Lunch and relax – no more exercise for today.
  • Tour guide – “Ok, now we do two hours of walking uphill”….. say what now?
  • Walking not actually too hard. Try local fruits, get our face painted and dress up in local clothes. Look like fools (no change there, really).
  • Stay in home stay with local Peruvian family. Dinner and bonfire with the father playing local mandolin type guitar.
  • Great day. Awesome group of people and guides.








Day Two

  • Easy walking for around 6 hours, next to no uphill which everyone is happy about (mainly me).
  • Learn about the history of Peruvian tribes and Incas. Guide was awesome. Learned a lot. Have forgotten most of it already.
  • Worlds dodgiest cable car 50 meters above the river, being pulled by a local kid. Didn’t die. Major high fives.
  • Beautiful hot springs for sunset.
  • Awesome idea! Lets drink 5 bottles of rum and party at the local disco until 2am.





Day Three

  • Terrible idea! Drinking 5 bottles of rum the night before and partying at the local disco until 2am. Liam was dancing so hard at one point he actually managed to kick a girls drink out of her hand. The physics of this still baffles me.
  • Zip lining. Probably would have been a lot more fun had we not been hungover.
  • Powerade, por favor.
  • Spewsies.
  • 6km of walking along a train track to Aguas Caliente.
  • Hot shower. Highlight of my day.
  • Sleeeeeeep.


Day Four

  • Alarm goes off at 3.50am. Why? WHYYYYYYY?!
  • Walk up 2,000 stairs to the entrance of Machu Picchu. Have picked up a stomach bug that wreaks havoc on my body after eating and leaves me feeling like this after any form of physical activity:


  • First group into Machu Picchu at 6am and watch the sun rise over the mountain and onto the ruins. One of the more amazing things I’ve seen in my life.
  • Machu Picchu is amazing. Better than any photo you’ll see and in the most amazing setting, surrounded by beautiful mountains and snow capped peaks in the distance.
  • Tour of the ruins with our guide – really interesting.
  • Liam climbed Wayna Picchu, the massive mountain that you can see in the background of the pictures of Machu Picchu. The guide says it takes about 40 minutes to climb but Nem nails it in 20 minutes. Legend. I lay on the grass holding my cramping stomach. Less legendary.
  • Walk up to the Sun Gate (other side of Machu Picchu) at a snails pace, being over taken by Japanese grandmothers and young children. Major achievement.
  • Funny story about the call of nature on the way to the sun gate – ask me if you like. Has resulted in the joke Q: “Have you seen Machu Picchu? It’s amazing” A: “Yes, but have you met Shailei? She sh*ts all over Machu Picchu”.
  • 9.30 train from Aguas Caliente and arrive in Cusco at 1.30am. Exhausted is an understatement.
  • All in all an amazing day /trip. A definite highlight of the adventures to date.









Off to Lack Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia tonight and crossing over to Copacabana in Bolivia tomorrow.


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