Bienvenidos a la ciudad bonita de Cusco

21 Apr







We made it to Cusco a few days back after a relatively painless bus ride from Huacachina. This city is absolutely beautiful – surrounded by mountains, bright blue skies and filled with old cobblestone streets and gothic-esque churches. We spent our first day here wandering around the markets buying jackets, jumpers, beanies, booking ourselves in for our trip to Machu Pichu and struggling to breathe after walking up a set of stairs because of the altitude change. The weather has been beautiful and sunny in the day, getting chilly but still bearable at night.

That night after catching up with a bunch of friends we’d met in Central America, somebody decided it was a good idea to head out on the town. What was a brilliant night out turned out to be a nightmare of a morning /whole day after, thanks again to the high altitude and low red-blood cell count (nope, definitely nothing to do with the alcohol. No way, Jose).

Today we headed about an hour or so out of town to a town called Pisac where they have markets each Sunday. The drive there was beautiful, heading up and out over the hills from Cusco and past snow-capped peaks into the valley of Pisec. The markets, unfortunately, were a bit of a tourist trap – the prices were about 4 times of that in Cusco and nothing too exciting there, though it was nice to get out of the city and see it in any case.

Tomorrow morning Nem and I head off on a 3 night, 4 day trip to Machu Pichu. We’re not doing the actual Inca Trail as you need to book about 6 months in advance and pay about $600 (plus do a LOT of walking), so instead we’re doing a fun trip that includes bike riding, zip lining, hot springs and a bearable amount of walking. We’ve had some friends do the same trip so should be amazing. Don’t miss us too much while we’re gone…








One Response to “Bienvenidos a la ciudad bonita de Cusco”

  1. Dad April 26, 2013 at 5:45 am #

    Gday Baby, good to see your still safe and well, still having a ball. Hermannsburg is all done and dusted, off to Lajamanu (bout 1200klms north west of here in he middle of the Tanami desert). will be there for a month or so, not sure abt fone reception but then will take off for Katherine Gorge for a week or so r and r. Then Yuendumu for 10 months or untill I get sick of it all, but still having a ball, good mates, good food, good money, healthy living (no grog… you would not survive). Then might hit WA and the ocean.
    Anyway Baby have fun, love ya heaps, take care, stay sober … Dad

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