From Chicama to Lima and onto Huacachina

17 Apr






We hung around Chicama for around 6 days – Nem got a few good days surfing and I even managed to catch a decent (albeit small) wave. We started to suspect that Pete has broken or fractured a rib from when he snapped his board in Huanchaco, so he took off for a few days in the mountains as he couldn’t surf.

We caught up again in Lima and decided to take advantage of being back in civilisation – good food, shops and bars. Unfortunately that night the Jager and tequila took advantage of us – after a few hours of drinking and making crazy local friends, Nem and I somehow made it back to the hostel but Pete ended up losing his way home and taking a nap in a park instead. Needless to say we were all feeling more than a little sorry for ourselves yesterday morning – speaking of which I’d like to give a big shout out to MacDonalds for serving cheeseburgers at breakfast time and single-handedly lifting me out of my hungover vortex (though the lack of hashbrowns was a little disappointing).

We’re now in Huacachina for a day – a little oasis in the desert surrounded by massive sand dunes that we’re going to be sand boarding down this afternoon. After sunset on the dunes it’s off to Cusco on an 18 hour bus ride – not so much looking forward to that, though we are going first class with bed seats and dinner service. That’s how we roll.


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