Hasta luego Ecuador y Hola Peru

1 Apr


We celebrated our last night in Ecuador with some party rocking out in Montañita, kicking it all off with a very funny ride in from Ayampe. Pete, Nem and I, plus another Canadian chick we met at the hostel stood out on the street for around half an hour waiting for a taxi to come to no avail. We were standing next to the local police station, so the policeman put on his official vest and flagged down the next car that drove past and told them that they needed to drive us into town (for $20 of course).

The four of us piled into the back of the worlds smallest car and took off to Montañita with the suspension giving a serious groan each time we went over the snallest bump. About half way into the ride, the car gave a shudder and stopped in the middle of the road because we’d run out of gas. We all piled out and started pushing the car up a little hill… easy enough, though the driver failed to realise that the car would start going downhill once we got it to the top. Nem was yelling at the driver to get in, but he decided to run outside the car, leaning in the window as it picked up speed. We all lost our grip on it but the driver kept his hold on the steering wheel (though his feet weren’t touching the ground) as the car sped down the hill. Everyone went running after the car, except for Pete and I who were literally on the ground laughing. We managed to get a hold of the car and push it into the next town and found some gas, not without drawing much attention from the locals. Four gringos and two Ecuadorian guys running after a runaway car. We would have been the talk of the town for a week.

The next day we pulled our hungover selves off the lounge of our hostel and made our way to Guayaquil, only to find out that there were no night buses running that night. We found ourselves a very (un)comfortable corner in the bus station and made hobos of ourselves for the night.

We’re now officially in Peru (HIP HOORAY) in a town called Mancora – a bit of a party town packed with tourists and not a lot to do. The surf is small and packed full of learners – I’m about the max amount of learners that Nem can handle – and the hostel is like a cheap greek resort. Tomorrow we’re off to another smaller town tomorrow further down the coast where it’ll hopefully be a little quieter.

Not too many waves for me yet. We’ve changed “Wave of the Day” to “Shailei’s One Wave of the Day” and celebrate if I managed to get to my knees. I’ve been praying to Huey, the God of Surf, to give me some nice, little gentle waves, but apparently he’s sending Nem a 5 meter swell next week so it looks like I’ll be spending some time watching from the sidelines.


One Response to “Hasta luego Ecuador y Hola Peru”

  1. Dad April 4, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Baby, looks like yr still having fun, good to see you have a couple of burly blokes to look after you. All good here, Ryan and Co are all good as is Guy. Take care, love you heaps .. xx

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