Born zippy

22 Mar

We made it to Banos from Quito after a very shite bus ride – someone sat behind us and managed to get into Nem’s bag and took his brand new camera and laptop. No good at all, especially considering he’s already had just about everything stolen already, bar his surfboards (touch wood). Despite that it was really nice to arrive in Banos, a very cute little town surrounded by beautiful green mountains, their tops covered in clouds and waterfalls running down them.

Yesterday we went zip lining at a place called San Martin, flying at over 100km an hour head first across a river and through a rock crevice. Actually not as scary as it sounds, except just before you come to the end when you’re flying at speed towards a rock face just before the safety catch saves you.

After the first zipline we walked across a very bouncy suspension bridge about 50 meters above a raging river and then climbed a “ladder” (steel poles sticking out of the rock) for about 20 meters vertically up the rock face. We finished up with another zipline back over the river to safety. Lots of fun.

This morning we were supposed to go bike riding but party rocked a bit too hard last night, so are skipping the bike riding and heading out this afternoon for Canyoning- absailing down waterfalls and jumping off rocks into freezing cold pools of water. Tomorrow we’re off to do some white water rafting and seeing if we can get ourselves psyched enough to bungee jump.




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