Journey to the center of the earth-ish

19 Mar




Yesterday we left the Galapagos and made it safe and sound to huge, rainy Quito. We’re staying in a nice enough part of town, close to quite a few bars and restaurants. We were keen for a few drinks after keeping out heads down in Galapagos, though there didn’t seem to be much happening on a rainy Monday night.

Today we made out way to the equator, about 40 minutes drive from the city. It turns out there are two equator lines in Ecuador – one about 250 meters from the other. The first one was in a theme park type “city” with a big monument where the equator is supposed to lie… not a lot to do there but take a photo and apparently its not the GPS equator but the line that some dude decided however many years ago was it.

We headed to the other museum that has the actual GPS 0 latitude equator line where we walked on the line, saw a shrunken head, attempted to balance an egg on a nail, watched water go down a drain –  nothing too exciting but filled a few hours in Quito where there’s nothing much else to do.

Tomorrow we head our of here early and down to Banos for some adventures where it’s hopefully going to be a little warmer and less rainy (though I don’t like our chances).





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