Exploring Santa Cruz

9 Mar








Galapagos7Back to the beach yesterday morning for some more surfing and exploring. We had a torrential downpour on the long walk down the beach, but luckily the sun decided to come out for us as we arrived. We walked up to the end of the beach to a little bay where the water is lined with rocks and cacti and aquatic iguanas swim.

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to Giant Tortoise reserve where we saw a bunch of…. giant tortoises. Very big (as the name would suggest) and very cool. We even saw a couple making sweet L.O.V.E. Very romantic- just two giant turtles and 15 or so tourist with cameras. We also walked / crawled through some tunnels made from lava hundreds / thousands / millions of years ago. Good fun and very muddy.

Last night we headed out for dinner on a street which they close off to traffic and all of the restaurants set with tables and chairs. Relatively cheap and tasty – Liam had a grab that came with soup and rice for only $4. You would think Galapagos would be a really expensive place, but you can actually do it quite cheaply of you try.

Today we headed to Las Griegas, a beautiful swimming hole formed between a split in the rocks that is fresh water at the top and salt water at the bottom about 10 meters down. This afternoon we take a two hour boat across to Isla Isabela where we’ll stay for 4 or 5 days doing some diving (with hammerheads, turtles, manta rays and seals), hiking volcanoes, snorkeling and general exploring.









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