8 Mar

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After a 24 hour journey from Popayan (4.5 hours flying and 19.5 hours of transit, the most painful of which was sitting through Diehard 5), we finally made it out of Colombia and onto the beautiful and sunny Galapagos islands.

We flew into the island of Balta, which is a fairly barren and holds only the international airport and not much more. From there we jumped on a bus, ferry and another bus and made our way across the island of Santa Cruz to Puerto Ayora where we found ourselves a hostel and dumped our bags.

First order of the afternoon was the beach – its HOT here, so we were all itching to get into the ocean and the boys were super keen for a surf. The closest beach to town is Playa Tortuga- a 2 minute cab ride and then a 2.5km walk in the heat. It was a bit of a pain but worth it when we arrived – white sand perfect for napping, beautiful water, aquatic iguanas sunning themselves on the sand and black volcanic rock (which I learned is very hot beneath the feet), birds catching fish not far from the shore. The boys said that fish were hitting them as they surfed.

This evening we’re all exhausted and having a quite night in, though our room is about 45 degrees so I’m not sure we’re going to sleep all that well, even with the fans pointed directly at us. Tomorrow it’s back to the beach for another surf, check out the Charles Darwin museum, book ourselves in for some diving, check out a Tortoise reserve and explore other parts of the island.

At this stage it looks like we’ll be here for around nine or ten days- three days on each of the main islands to do as many activities as we possibly can before we fly back into Quito to explore Ecuador’s mainland.

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