You, Me and Charles D

4 Mar

We decided to bite the bullet this morning and book ourselves a flight to Ecuador. Coffee growers are protesting in the streets of Popayan and now there are protesters who are protesting the protestors, protestors protesting about something else to do with the government, and the truck drivers in the west of the country are now protesting and striking about rising fuel prices. We’re safe – the protestors are only only blowing whistles and holding up signs, but all in all we figure we’re best off just getting out of here.

We had a (very rare) stroke of genius this morning and checked out how much flights would be to fly straight to the Galapagos Islands rather than just to Quito. Turns out we can get over to Galapagos for only $100 more than it would cost to fly to Quito, which is a bargain and sits much better with us than paying $450 for a flight to somewhere that is only a $20 bus ride away. You could say that our travel plans have…. evolved. God I’m good.

We fly out Wednesday and spend a week or so in Galapagos before flying back into Quito to start the rest of our Ecuadorian travels as planned. Let’s all hope that the airlines stewards don’t strike due to rising prices of pencil skirts and neckerchiefs.



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