Cartagena and muy muddo

23 Jan



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Yesterday was spent catching up on life admin, escaping the heat after 5 days at sea and kicking around Cartagena Old Town. A few of us headed to a bar called Cafe Del Mar that a friend recommended for sunset, which is set up on the sea wall where you can watch sunset. Generally a very chilled day while trying to re-establish our land legs (aka being super lazy).

Today a group of about 15 of us from the boat headed out to a mud volcano about half hours drive outside of Cartagena city. This mud volcano is only about 15 or 20 meters high but apparently the mud is 300 meters deep. You climb up some dodgy, mud-slicked stairs and wait for about 10 minutes until its your turn to climb down into the mud pit which is about a 5×5 meter square with 50 or so people sliding about with no control over where they (or their hands/feet/limbs) go. One you climb down the ladder a guy will grab you, put you on your back, float you to the side and give you a good old rub down- front, back and face. I thought at the start that I would be able to keep my hair out of the mud, but that hope faded very quickly.

You can try your hardest but you cant sink into the mud because it’s so thick and buoyant. Even if you put your whole weight on someone you’ll only get them down to their shoulders. Once all 15 of us were in it was all very chaotic, fun, and slightly inappropriate until the boss-lady got sick of us and told us to get out (fair call, it was getting a bit rowdy)

Once you manage to scramble your way out and get another quick rub-down, you creep your way down some even dodgier mud covered steps and head into the nearby lake where a local lady will scrub you down and even take your bikini top or boardshorts so you can get everything clean. Needless to say we were all a little bit closer once we were done…

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.11.32 PM

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One Response to “Cartagena and muy muddo”

  1. old boy January 24, 2013 at 4:14 am #

    How good is that, I guess your skin must benefit from the mud pack. Wouldn’t be to good if you got left in the sun for a day and had to get the stuff off, would probably take off skin hair and everything else. Good picture of porky old kel comming out of the mud hole. Better watch your weight porky. stay cool kids miss yas

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