Bocas Del Toro

15 Jan

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We spent about 5 or 6 days on the islands of Bocas Del Toro – hanging out in the main town on Isla Colon and exploring the beaches of the other islands. Most of us spent a lot of the time chilling on the beach, playing cards, talking, drinking and generally not doing a lot.

Kel and I went for a dive on one of the mornings, but it rained the night before so visibility was terrible – only a meter as we were going down (which did not help my nerves in any way!) and then clearing to only about 3-4 meters visibility later on. I think we were a little spoiled doing our certificates in Caye Caulker and Utila, as the dive in Bocas paled in comparison. I only did one dive but Kel did a second which he enjoyed. Apparently there’s some decent diving in Colombia which we may do and hopefully we’ll make it to the Galapagos Islands which are supposed to have amazing diving.

We also spent a lot of time playing a game called Beersbee, which involves (believe it or not) beer and a frisbee. Its quite simple – you have two teams about 10-15 meters apart and you stick two 1.5(ish) meter high sticks into the ground about a frisbee width apart. The sticks have half a beer can sitting upside down on top of them. Each team gets a turn to throw the frisbee with the aim of either getting the frisbee through the sticks or knocking one or both the beer cans off the stick. If you throw the frisbee and someone on the other team catches, you drink. If you throw the frisbee and the other team misses, they drink. If you throw an uncatchable throw, you drink. If you knock off a can or get it through, the other team drinks. If you catch the frisbee as it goes through or catch a falling can before it hits the ground, the other team drinks… you get the picture. There’s also a point system involved, but it really comes a distant second in importance.

We did make up some other very important rules, however, such as you must high five every member of the other team when changing sides and everyone must celebrate each point in a good-spirited manner. All of the rules (and beer) make for a very fun and jovial game… especially as it progresses.

Bocas was generally an awesome time with a great crew, marred only by Grace and I being annihilated by sand flies. The little devils attacked every spare millimeter of our legs, so I was thankful to get off the island for that reason alone…

ALSO, I have a new laptop so i can keep the blog up to date again!

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