A well overdue update…

8 Jan


OK! We’re back. I know this post is well overdue, but not having a laptop makes it really hard to blog each day. It’s even harder trying to remember what we’ve done over the past few weeks, but here we go…

5 of us rented a cool little apartment in San Juan Del Sur for Christmas – Kel, Vanessa, Josh, Liam and I. There was another group of 12 people that rented an amazing house about half hours drive outside of town where we spent Christmas Eve and Boxing day. We tried to get out there for Christmas dinner as a big family, but there were no taxi drivers around willing to make the trek. We ended up spending it as our small little orphan family along with another dude called Guy Marks, the local tattoo guy. The night turned into a fairly large fiesta and we celebrated until about 5 the next morning. Actually, the whole of Christmas was fairly large. We had to say goodbye to Vanessa who left for a tour down in Ecuador and Peru. Very, very sad for all.

On the 30th we decided that we needed to escape San Juan Del Sur finally, so another 5 of us made our way to a town called Tamarindo in Costa Rica…. what a shock to the system that was. Firstly, Liam’s whole backpack was stolen off of the bus as we arrived into town. All of his clothes, camera lens, chargers, etc etc were taken. The police were very helpful but we had no luck finding it.

Secondly, the place was PACKED full of people – mainly americans and Costa Ricans on holidays. We couldn’t find a hostel or even hotel anywhere, but Mark and Grace were lucky enough to speak to someone who knew someone else who had an apartment to rent about 10 minutes drive outside of town. It actually turned out to be perfect with beds for everyone and relatively cheap.

Thirdly, the place was super, super expensive. Pretty much on par with Sydney prices, which is a big shock to the system when you’ve been traveling through places like Guatemala and Nicaragua. It’s like we weren’t even in Central America anymore.

Despite all of that, we had a great few days hanging out on the beach, playing cards and partying. New Years was big, the 1st was a big one too and the 2nd was even larger.

From Tamarindo we headed to a town called Puerto Viejo on the east coast of Costa Rica, a little surf town that was, once again, absolutely packed full of tourists. We couldnt find any accommodation and 5 of us ended up paying $10 each to sleep in someone’s loungeroom on two double mattresses. It was an OK few days, but ended on our final morning with Liam’s $6000 camera being stolen from his bag.

Needless to say we were glad to see the back of Costa Rica – never again. We’re now in Bocas Del Toro in Panama and much happier. Everythings cheaper, the sun is shining, the place is beautiful. The only downside is that I am being annihilated by bed bugs. Somehow they only attack me and no one else! Yesterday we spend the day exploring a little island just across from the island we’re staying on and today we head to another island to explore a beach called Red Frog Beach.

We leave here on the 11th or 12th and make our way to Panama City for a few days before setting sail for Colombia on the 16th. We’re looking forward to getting down to South America for a change of scenery. Believe it or not we’re getting sick of sitting on tropical beaches and playing cards… I know. Life is tough!

I dont have many photos at the moment as I’m on a friends computer, but promise to try and be more vigilant from here on in!

Photo on 26-12-12 at 1.10 AM #6


2 Responses to “A well overdue update…”

  1. Lou January 8, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

    Happy 2013! Glad you got out of Puerto Viejo safe and sound, bit dodgy there but at least you had boys with you! Try to go to the starfish beach while you’re in Boccas del Torres and the hostel with the parties on Wed/Sat nights with the decking cut out so you can jump straight in the water via the trampoline! Having a mind block so can’t remember the name but you’ll know where I mean – and it’s in LP. San Blas islands were beautiful if you have time to do a detour from Panama City. ENJOY! x

  2. old boy January 9, 2013 at 3:36 am #

    ya hoo love yas kids Kels looking pretty clean with his long locks and fuzzzzzless face , you all certainly look well, keep doing it and i’ll look forward to further up dates xxxx

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