13 Dec





We spent our first two days in León on an amazing beach called Playa Los Brasiles, a beautiful beach about 30 minutes east of León. The hostel organises transport for $1 each way, which includes a shuttle and a boat ride over the river.

You hang out at a little hostel / hotel at the beach called Surfing Turtle Lodge which has little cabanas to sit under, a beach volleyball court, food, bar and lovely staff- all travelers who are “volunteering” there to stay for free. Not a bad place to spend a few months while not spending any money.

The beach is really similar to an Australian beach, though the sand is a little darker. The water was amazing and the surf was perfect – not too big but still enough waves to be fun.

We were only intending to go to the beach for one day, but it was so nice – and we were so hungover the next day – that we decided to go back for another day. We spent a lot of time playing frisbee, volleyball, eating, playing cards, swimming and relaxing. Yesterday it rained a bit, so Kel and Mark (yet another Aussie with an amazing voice and skills on the guitar) had a jam. We even released some just hatched baby turtles into the ocean… we’ll we put them in the sand, they didnt really move.

It was a pretty perfect way to spend two days, but yesterday we put on our adventure pants again and hike up a volcano to toboggan down it. A group of 7 of us headed out to Cerro Negro, a volcano about an hours (very bumpy) drive out of León. The hike up was relatively easy, though the big volcano boards made it a little harder. The volcano is actually the youngest in Central America and the last time it erupted was in 1996 (circa). If you dig your foot into the rocks a little you can feel the intense heat coming out of it.

We donned our very attractive, bright orange jump suits and googles and watched sunset over other volcanos and the ocean while we waited for our go. We had a bet going between the seven of us – whoever clocked the fastest speed would be bought a drink by everyone else. Surprisingly – to no one more than myself – I clocked the fastest speed from our group at 56km per hour with everyone falling dismally behind me at about 35km an hour. There were a few bail outs and a some minor injuries, but nothing too serious.

Last night we all celebrated a little too hard and are not looking forward to the 5/6/7 hour journey we need to make on chicken buses today from León to Popoyo, a surf town further south on the Nicaraguan coast.







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