Exploring Ometepe (or at least attempting to…)

9 Dec




Today we rented bikes on across the road from our hotel in Ometepe and set out for a lovely relaxing bike ride and hike to a waterfall on the other side of the island. Turns out it was not so much relaxing as it was hard, with the road quickly turning from pavement to very, very rough rocks. On top of that it seems that we underestimated the distance and just how long it would take us to get there- with the bke ride being 2 hours and the hike close to 4 hours we wouldn’t have made it back to our hotel before dark, so we decided to grab a drink before heading back.

We found a cool little (tiny) restaurant on the water that had locals doing their washing and bathing in the lake out the front, a bunch of guys playing the guitar and singing The Beatles, and a very cool view of the volcano just around the corner.

We made it back unscathed, but very happy to see the paved road again. Tomorrow we head to some springs called Ojo de Agua and then leg it to Leon to do some volcano boarding. We’re missing the beach already, so after that we head back to San Juan Del Sur for an extra week in paradise.





One Response to “Exploring Ometepe (or at least attempting to…)”

  1. Dad December 9, 2012 at 2:33 am #

    Hi there Baby, Kel and Co,,,, just caught up with your blog, love it, looks like your having a ball. Have been outa range for a few weeks, left Alice about 3 weeks ago and have been tripping around the lower coast of SA, Cactus beach, Ceduna, Port Lincoln etc just bush camping in the caravan etc, dodging some bushfires and fishing etc.
    Met Jimmy from Manly, and Wokeye from Killy at Arno Bay for some serious snapper fishing (fotos on your email addss). caught a nice 43lb snapper.
    planning to go to Cowell for a week or two from here then meet up with a few people for xmas etc, would go home but Ryan and Briar are off to NZ . Thats the rough plan before heading back to Alice for another stint on the communities until the “dry” and then head off to Kununura and Broome areas for a year or so. All good here, your looking fabulous.
    Love you heaps…Dad

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