Spanish, surf, rinse, repeat

30 Nov

I arrived in San Juan Del Sur yesterday morning after seeing off Lee in San Pedro Sula, one of the less enjoyable places we have been, and making the trek here. The 12 hour bus ride that started at 5am was surprisingly not too painful, aided very much by sleeping tablets and movies on the laptop. I had to spend a night in Managua -again, not the nicest of towns- and then make the last leg on a chicken bus from Managua to San Juan Del Sur. That was an interesting ride, being the only tourista on the bus with bags everywhere (my arm securely around mine), people jumping on and off to sell bread and chicken and one guy deciding to give a very loud, very long impromptu sermon along the way (AMEN BROTHER!).

Myself and two other Guatemalans jumped off on the highway about 20km outside of San Juan Del Sur and hitched a ride with a local guy into town who was lovely and chatted non-stop, though I have no idea what he was saying. Managed to jump in a taxi when in town and finally make it to the hostel where I’m staying for the next week. Casa De Olas (House of Waves) is an awesome little hostel run by an Australian couple, Carla and Fred, set up on a mountain about 5 minutes drive outside of Centro looking over the whole valley and down to the ocean. Carla and Fred used to run this place as a B&B but a huge party hostel moved in next door so they changed the place to a hostel, which means that we have the facilities of a B&B but the price of a hostel – infinity pool, great rooms, comfy beds, nice bar and eating area. They also run the hostel really well with family dinners and generally an awesome homely vibe. I’ve adopted them as my parents for the next week because I’m missing my own. The only part of the hostel that I’m not so sure about it the pet monkey that they have here, Buzz, who doesn’t like girls, especially blondes. The first day I was here she stole my empty coffee cup and then later in the day when I was attempting to show Mum and Guy on skype, snuck up behind me and stole my earphones, scaring the sh*t out of me in the process. Mum and Guy got a serious laugh out of it and I got my earphones back, so all good.

This morning (at 8am!) I started Spanish lessons – 4 hours of one on one learning only in Spanish. I actually surprised myself with how much I know and my teacher, Carla, is absolutely lovely. I’ve got 4 more days and may even extend if Kel wants to do some lessons when he gets down here.

After Spanish I headed out for some surf lessons at Playa Hermosa – turns out I’m STILL not naturally skilled at surfing, though it was my first time having a proper go on a shortboard (albeit quite a big shortboard). No problem though, because tomorrow will be exactly the same with Spanish early in the morning and surfing practice in the afternoon. No more lessons, just practice (get dumped), practice (get dumped again) and more practice (maybe stand up and then fall off – progress!).

In Kel news, I just heard from him today that he’s completed his Advanced Dive Certificate – hip HOORAY – and is heading out to celebrate in Utila tonight, so unlikely to make much movement tomorrow, except for maybe to the cafe down the road that does the best chicken schnitzel on the island. I’d actually be close to putting money on the fact that that’s exactly what happens.

He and a bunch of others will most likely leave Utila on Saturday and come and meet me in San Juan Del Sur before we head off to explore the rest of Nicaragua. Think we may have Christmas here at Casa De Olas to get the Australian family vibe going on… who knows what will happen over the next few weeks though!


One Response to “Spanish, surf, rinse, repeat”

  1. old boy December 2, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Congratulations lil big boy on your advanced diving certificate. Watch that monkey Shails, I can’t stand the bloody dirty little mongrels and they don’t like me. Sounds like laying back for a while at chrissy would be a good idea and we will all be thinking of you back home cheers and keep up the good communication I am lovin it. xx

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