Rio Dulce – Finca El Paraiso and Boqueron Canyon

22 Nov

We arrived in Rio Dulce last night at around 10.30, about 14.5 hours after leaving San Pedro and made our way to Kangaroo Hotel, an awesome little hotel owned by an Aussie called Gary (stereotype much?), a short boat ride up the river from the main part of town.

After a brilliant night sleep we made our way out of town this morning  to Finca El Paraiso on a very packed collectivo (about 20 odd people in an 8 seater minivan). Finca El Paraiso is amazing – a hot springs waterfall flowing down into a cold running river. You jump in the luke warm water and swim over to the waterfall which runs super hot, leaning on the rocks that have been warmed by the water and letting the whole waterfall run over you.

We also headed up to the top of the waterfall because we were told that the mud was good for your skin, so we started rubbing mud all over ourselves… until a young Guatemalan girl came up and told us tat we were using the wrong type of mud .She walked us a few hundred meters down a path and pulled out some different mud for us to use (for $1 each, obviously). We had a good go at the mud and our skin did feel good, though I’m not sure whether that was because there was a thin layer of slime all over our bodies. At least the locals would get a good laugh from us.

When we were washing ourselves off in the river, Lee got talking to an old American guy called Peter who has a 40ft catamaran that he sails around the Caribbean. Peter was there with a bunch of his friends – a strange bunch traveling with a dog and budgie in tow, but in any case gave us a lift up the road to Boqueron Canyon.

Boqueron Canyon is a lovely little canyon that is apparently a very sacred place for the Mayans, who still have a bunch of festivals there- At one point you can see the rock form what looks like the face of a Mayan god. Two young local boys paddled us up the river to check it out- very beautiful.

We made our way back into Rio Dulce town on a much less packed collectivo and have bbeen chilling out for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we make our way to Livingstone and potentially on to Utila, depending on how easy it is to get there. Af ew days of diving when we get there will take us up to Monday when we have to take Lee to the airport… boohooohoo!!!


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