San Pedro La Laguna

20 Nov

We’ve just left San Pedro La Laguna, an awesome little town on Lake Atitlan, after 6 or so days of living large and bulk adventures.

The first few days were passed in a bit of a lazy haze, with big nights out followed by very chilled days in bed – far too easy to do in a place like San Pedro. Our biggest achievement was catching a boat across the lake to another town called San Marco for an amazing lunch.

Luckily for us we had Lee, the worlds most enthusiastic adventurer to kick us into gear and get us out of bed (albeit very, very early). One morning we got up at 3.30am in the morning and hiked to the top of a mountain called Indian’s Nose to watch the sunrise over the lake. Despite the early rise and cold, it was a beautiful site to see.

That day we also headed to the Chichicastenango (Chichi) markets, apparently the largest market in Guatemala (maybe even Central America) about a two hour drive from San Pedro. The markets were absolute chaos, jam packed full of locals selling brightly coloured everything and tourists trying their best to bargain in very bad Spanish. We were all a bit over it after a few hours, thanks to our very early rise and constant barrage of Guatemalan hawkers trying to sell you anything under the sun.

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, so we rose at 8 (rather than going to bed at 8) and rented kayak to take out on the lake. We paddled across the lake to San Marco and found a platform to jump off from about 5 meters up into – a little scary (for me) at first, but we all managed to do it in the end, even managing a group shot with 5 of us jumping in together. The scenery was amazing, with volcanos covered in clouds in the background and we even managed to get a nice bit of sun while relaxing on the deck. It was an awesome way to spend our last day in San Pedro.

Today we’re on a bit of an epic mission from San Pedro to Rio Dulce, starting at 8am this morning and not arriving until around 10.30pm tonight. We’re in Guatemala City at the moment, killing time until our next 6 hour bus ride. Not the nicest way to spend a day, but we have good company and even managed to luck out with comfortable buses, so as good as it can be!


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