Caye Caulker Blue Hole!

5 Nov

Our last day in Caye Caulker, Shailei and myself headed separate ways – I headed off to scuba dive the blue hole and Shailei went out to do some snorkeling with sharks, stingrays, turtles and fish.

My day started early with a 5:30 start and a beautiful sunrise on my stroll to the dive shop to load up the boat and hit the water for a 2hr boat ride out to the Belize blue hole.

The boat ride turned out to be a rather rough ride with the wind up, causing a rather choppy ocean. Coming into the blue hole was awesome crystal clear water with bommies popping up all over. Our captain did a great job of picking the narrow gap in between the reef at full noise into the blue hole itself. The blue hole was our first and deepest dive (a crazy 40m/130ft) for the day. Once we were geared up, we dropped in and hovered on the edge for a while, checking out the grouper and a few small reef sharks skirting the edge. Once we started our decent there were Caribbean reef sharks all over the place and a array of fish. At about 100ft the edge the drop turns into a old cave with stalactites hanging from a ledge and stalagmite raising from the bottom – truly an amazing sight to see. Being such a deep dive we could only stay down for max of 8mins before making our way back. On the way up a couple of 6-8ft sharks cruised within a meter or so of me which was awesome.

Our second dive was totally different but just as amazing. The dive spot was called half moon and went from a sand bottom with hundreds of little sand eels poking the heads up looking like weed bed to a wall of coral reef which then dropped off to an apparent 2000ft. The dive consisted of cruising along the wall on the sand side for a while and then heading through a gap in the wall to the drop off which was amazing! We sat at about 60ft and drifted along the outside of the wall. Wasn’t a huge amount of fish life but amazing corals and a heap of very curious barracuda cruising along with us ranging from 2-5ft – one was even close enough for me to reach out and grab on the tail! Was a great dive with awesome visibility of about 100ft! πŸ™‚

After the second dive we headed to a little island for lunch and to check out some red footed booby birds and there was also some really cool giant hermit crabs and a heap of iguanas sunning themselves – it was like something out of a David Attenborough doco. After a bit of a rest we headed back out for our 3rd dive which was similar to our second but more of a drift dive, which turned out to be hectic! The current was raging – the strongest our divemasters had ever seen out there. Our first drop was unsuccessful and we had to get back on the boat and try again because we completely missed the wall due to the current. The second drop was a success and we found the wall and descended to our dept of 60ft. There was so much current that the reef almost went passed in a blur! We spent the whole time swimming across the current to keep us on the wall, which was hard work but well worth it – I even got to grab a nurse shark by the tail… was definitely my most hectic dive yet but was great experience.

The boat ride home was also a rough one but went quick enough, all in all was a great day!!! One of my best yet πŸ™‚


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