Cuba: The Rest

25 Oct

We spent three days as Fat Cats at an all inclusive resort in Varadero – eating and drinking far too much and not experiencing the culture of Cuba in any way. It was pretty disappointing and Kel and I spent a lot of it counting down the days until we could leave for Mexico (which we’re missing a lot). We left Varadero and made our way back to Havana, spending the afternoon wandering around old town and chilling out.

Today we flew back to Mexico (taking a very pimp all American car to the airport),flying into Cancun but leaving straight away for  Tulum. I have a feeling that we’ll get stuck here for a few days and then we’ll head down south to Belize for a week or two on Caya Caulker.

Loving being back in Mexico, with internet access, salt, chilli and lime!


One Response to “Cuba: The Rest”

  1. Shelley October 25, 2012 at 7:18 am #

    Watch yor backs in Belize ….. Stay Ninja!

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