Cuba: Day 6 and 7

25 Oct

Day 6 we left our new family in Trinidad, squeezing into a very, very old All-American Chevrolet and heading for Santa Clara to check out the Che Guevara museum / mausoleum.

Unfortunately in its old age and with four backpackers (and their packs) in the back, our old car couldnt make it up a big hill on the shortcut to Santa Clara. We ended up having to backtrack for an hour and go the long way around, changing taxi’s at one stage. The drive ended up taking a lot longer than expected and we were all knackered from the night before, so we ended up crashing out pretty early that night.

The next day we headed to the Che Guevara museum to fill ourselves with knowledge. The museum was worth seeing, but other that that there’s not a lot to do in Santa Clara, so we jumped in yet another taxi and made our way to Varadero, a very western, hotel focused area of Cuba.

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