Cuba: Day 5

25 Oct

Day five was spent simply chilling out and wandering around Trinidad. In the afternoon we went back for our second round of salsa lessons, which was in a smaller, but (thankfully) cooler room. We brushed up on the basics and then started to throw in some spins, which put me in a bit of a tailspin. After about an hours practice I eventually managed to get my head around it. Kel was a bit of a pro and had his turns down within a few minutes.

That night we headed back out to Casa De La Musica for a few drinks, watched some people dance and realised just how far we have to go if we want to actually salsa dance decently (a lot more than 3 hours of lessons, that’s for sure). From there, we headed to the infamous “Club in a Cave” which is literally a nightclub in a cave / cavern. You have to walk all the way our of town through back streets and up a dark dirt road to find this place. Once you’re there its actually pretty amazing. You walk deep down into this cave and come out into this huge space with a bar, dancefloor, DJ high up on the wall. We had a young Cuban guy tag along to “show us the way there and buy us cheap drinks”, who we ended up buying drinks for the whole night. The DJ plays a mix of bad cuban music and even worse western dance songs and you dance on a soaking wet dancefloor as the roof of the cave continually drips water. The Cubans love to dance – there was one Cuban guy who busted the most ridiculous moves I have ever seen, complete with him pouring water over his head and down the front of his white singlet and then rubbing himself down.

Turned out to be a pretty big night, made even longer by the fact that we managed to get lost on our way home at 3 in the morning.


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