Cuba: Day 4

25 Oct

After learning just how bad we were at salsa the previous evening at Casa De La Music, 5 of us (Kel, Kelvin, Alex, Maria and I) started off Day 4 with a salsa lesson with a lady that we met on the street our first night in Trinidad.

The lesson was in the living room of her friends casa and must have been at least 37 degrees in there. Within about 2 minutes of starting the class we were sweating as though we were in a sauna even as we started with the simple “one, two, three”. Our “Professora” was actually a really good teacher who has spent time teaching in Germany and all over the world and after an hour we had the basics down pretty well (80% of the time). We even had a bit of an audience going with our teachers friends staying to watch the spectacle and having a good old laugh. We booked in for another 2 hours the following day, after which the teacher has promised us we’ll have full knowledge of the basics, spins and all.

After losing about 4 kilos of fluids in the one our dance lesson, we made our way to a local beach for a few hours of chilling out and topping up the tan. The boys went with a local guy to have a huge lunch of fresh fish (and quite a few mojitos), while I hung out with Maria and Alex.

That night we were making our way from our casa and into the centre of town for dinner when we were approached by a guy touting a restaurant that had everything on the menu for 6CUC (about $6) – chicken, fish, lobster, shrimp, pork, everything. He also assured us that there would be music too. We headed off with him to a very empty, very hot, very silent restaurant. Not sure whether to stay or not, we umm-ed and ahh-ed for a while before being told that there was a rooftop “terrace” that we could sit on. We headed up the stairs only to find a dark roof with a few chairs and some odd-sized tables. We sat there for a while not too sure whether we should leave, but just put it down to an “authentic” Cuban experience…. and then the music came.

The waiter came up the stairs and said “Musica, si”. I had my back to him so thought he was going to put on a CD, until a man with a guitar walked out of the door…. followed by a bongo player… and a singer… and a backup singer. They’d found us a band to come and play for us on the roof of the restaurant. The band set up and played some amazing Cuban music just for us, even taking requests (not that we know any Cuban songs). Their voices were amazing and when we asked the girl to sing her favourite song we were all floored.

The cocktails started flowing and then the food started arriving, which was amazing. Kel had a lobster and I had some amazing fish cooked with honey and spices. ML’s meal was even doused in rum and set alight when it was bought to the table. By the end of it we were all stuffed and full of cocktails for about $12 each. We said goodbye to Maria and Alex who were off to Baracoa and we were intending to go out, but ended up home in a food coma by about 10.30pm.


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