Coco Bongo madness!

13 Oct

Our third day in Cancun was a lot more eventful than the 2nd – we actually acheived something besides eating and sleeping!
To start the day, Shailei and I decided to go grab a few things from the shops so decicded to hit up the famous WALMART:
the one stop shop for everything. Turned out the one in Cancun didnt live up to expectaions of its brother stores in The States
which are like Kmart on steroids.

After our mission we headed back to the hostel to grab Kelvin and ML to go book out flights to Cuba with another success.
Flights were booked for a reasonable $310USD return so we headed back to hostel to prepare for the night.

Thursday night for the hostel was Coco Bongo’s night, which is a bar/nightclub/show on the strip of Cancun. Before we left the hostel everyone was a bit unsure about going because of how exxy this thing was – $70USD for the night which included entry and free drinks…. sounds not too bad compared to Aus, but we are in mexico where a corona cost about $1.10. We all soon discovered it did not dissapoint!

As we arrived to the club (about 25 of us from the hostel) we had free shots and drinks in hand while we were in the line. Just getting in was crazy – I’ve never seen so many secruity checks but not get asked for ID… as we got into the main bar we discovered it was nothing like any of us had ever seen (well not me anyway)! We had walked into an ampitheatre type room with a bar in the middle, which before 3am girls only are allowed (and encouraged) to dance on. There was a massive stage above another bar up the front and a grand stand all around the remaining sides – a very epic venue.

The first show started with phantom of the opera and was just a start to a full 4hrs of action packed entertainment. The entertainment consisted of a heap of short 5-10min shows with everything from spiderman flying around the room fighting the green goblin to brazilian dancers shaking their thing! One of the tops for me was the TRON show which started with a guy (dressed like a tron dudes) twirling a big glowing outline of a cube followed by a fight scene while 6 trapez artist bounce up and down from the roof! It was pretty awesome. There was also a midget involved in a few of the shows who was a crack up! Another highlight apart from the show was Kelvin in the middle of a circle of us all acting out Freddy Mercury – crack up! We also managed to get a congo line going around the whole bar with limbo at the end! Once the shows were done it was time to dance the night away… Not too many great photos but have got some great video footage that we’ll put up eventually.

To finish the night we decide a late night taco was in need… and for a few of us a early morning skinny dip at the beach – lots of fun until we all got caught by 2 security guys with spotlights…..

We all paid for it the next day, with Shailei coming down with a chest infection and needing to get a needle in her buttcheek this morning and about 4 kilos of antibiotics. Dont stress – she’s on the road to recovery now.

Today we fly to Cuba where apparently it’s difficult to get access to internet, so if you dont hear from us, count it as a good thing. We’ll be back online somewhere around Wednesday 24th.

Adios Mexico! – we miss you already!


2 Responses to “Coco Bongo madness!”

  1. old boy October 16, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    Wild kids , maybe you might regain control in Cuba. Hope your feeling better Shailei, we have beautiful days here at the moment unfortunately some poor relations have to go to work even on the good days. Look forward to an update and COOL KAT KEL is starting to look like a Gringo so can imagine what to expect in 12 months. Stay cool kids love yas.

  2. Buddy-with-a-day-job October 23, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    TODAY is the day Kel said you’re back online.. my armchair journey resumes!

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