San Cristobal day two

5 Oct

Four of us were going to go on a horse ride from San Cristobal up to San Juan Chamula to check the place out, but the rain here was torrential so we decided to give it a miss. Instead we jumped in a taxi with a driver named Pedro who spoke very little english but had one of the most wicked laughs I have ever heard.

The town of San Juan Chamula is nothing much itself, but the church there is amazing- unfortunately you cant take photos in there. The church is filled with life sized model saints around every wall with thousands and thousands of candles lit as people say their prayers. The floor is filled with pine needles and it’s super quiet except for the people who are sitting alone or with their families praying.

When we arrived back in an Cristobal, ML and I went for a walk around town and up to a church that overlooks the whole city, while Kel and Kelvin went in search of pozole (amazing mexican soup).

The night turned into quite a big one, starting off with drinks at the hostel, moving on to dinner at a cheap tacqueria and then onto Cafe Revolution for more drinks, dancing (terrible and worse), chasing tail, more drinking and more dancing. The evening ended with a 3am mission around the streets of San Cristobal to find more tacos.

After an hour or so of walking, we eventually found somewhere open to feed us. Not only did we get a feed, ML also managed to find a dog that fell in love with him and followed us all the way home (an actual dog, not a metaphor).


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