Canyon Sumidero

5 Oct

Almost all of us managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 8.30 for a tour to Canon Sumidero – Jay and Meg were less successful at making the bus but managed to catch up with us a few hours into the journey. The tour took us on a speedboat through an amazing canon for a few hours – we saw a bunch of crocodiles sunning themselves on the side of the bank, waterfalls, but the best part was driving down the river with the canon walls around you, which were amazingly high. There was a lot of rubbish at some points around the river, but there were a lot of workers there cleaning the water up. Thhe tour took about half a day and is definitely worth doing.

We got back into San Cristobal in the afternoon and most of us had a siesta for a few hours. Kel and I eventually headed out quite late to take another look at the markets and wander around town. I was planning to buy some more bits and pieces, but decided against it as my pack’s getting fuller and fuller and I dont think much will fit.

I stayed in that night and chilled out, but Kel and a bunch of the guys went out chasing tail. Kel got home at a reasonable(ish) hour, but Kelvin and ML arrived home at about 4 in the morning, absolutely blind. What happened then was literally the funniest thing on the trip to date. They arrived back at the hostel were without a doubt the drunkest people i have ever seen who were still managing to somewhat resemble functioning human beings. Some of the one liners that came out of their mouth had me on the floor. Im not going to write them on here because my grandparents read this blog, however I can tell you there was nudity, bro-cuddles, a LOT of swearing, offers, rejections, and face plants into lockers (twice).



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