Carrizalillo, big nights and lazy days

29 Sep

It’s been a very lazy two days in Puerto Escondido, interrupted only by one very big night at our beach pad. After rising late and all pitching in to make an amazing Mexican-inspired breakfast, we spent the day on Playa Carrizalillo and chilling 0ut on the hammocks at home and watching an amazing sunset.

We met two English girls at the beach who came over in the evening, which quickly escalated into a bit of a bender, ending (for some) at 10am this morning.

Unsurprisingly, today was spent doing a lot of sitting around, reading, sleeping and eating. We’ve just been for a swim, had a feed and spoken to the family on skype, so now its time for some more reading, researching our next destination and watching a DVD.

Tomorrow is some more surf lessons, beaching and chilling out. Two more days in Puerto before we catch the 13 hour night bus up to San Cristobal De Las Casas for some more exploring, jungle ruins and waterfalls before we make our way to Merida, Cancun and over to Cuba.


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