Surfing in Puerto Escondido

26 Sep

Last night, while cooking up an amazing fish dinner, Kel was bitten by a scorpion who (we figure) came rushing out from underneath the oven when it was turned on. We figured, since it was brown, it shouldn’t be too bad and didnt rush him to hospital. Luckily he was alive in the morning, so our logic is clearly undeniable.

6 of us headed off for a surfing lesson this morning- we had a guy approach us on the beach yesterday, so hue picked us up this morning and took us out.

Was hard work getting 5 hungover bodies out of bed and we had a few dramas due to lack of waves and lack of surfboards at one beach, but eventually we made it out at La Punta on Zicatela beach.

Managed to smash myself a few times (huge bruise on my hip) but got a few good waves (very proud of myself) and Kel caned it for a good few waves as well.

Not much more to report on today – had an awesome siesta in of the many hammocks at our place and now I’m here. Tonight we cook lasagne and chill.

Tomorrow I think I might  hire a board and give surfing a go at another, smaller beach. Also good for diving there, so we might try and grab some lobsters. Well – Kel is likely to grab some… I’m likely to bob around on the top or get my hand caught in a crevice…


One Response to “Surfing in Puerto Escondido”

  1. Carrie September 27, 2012 at 12:40 am #

    I loved Puerto Escondido. Really enjoying your posts. Did you catch up with Nath yet??

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