Fishing in Puerto Escondido

25 Sep

Yesterday was a very chilled day, starting with a few hours at the beach and an afternoon of reading, sleeping and family food shopping at the local market.

Up bright and early this morning for a morning of deep sea fishing. We jumped into our captain Eric’s boat and headed out to the continental shelf where we had dolphins cruising and jumping and a bunch of turtles making sweet, sweet love around the boat.

Kel was first up and managed to haul in a HUGE sailfish, apparently the first sailfish he’s ever caught and one of the biggest fish he’s caught to boot. I pulled up a smaller but much more colourful mahi-mahi with a lot of effort – that fishing business is hard work. My arms were absolutely pumping with blood and I was exhausted.

Unfortunately (for the rest of our adopted family) that’s when the fish decided to have a nap so we didnt catch anymore, so we cruised around for a few more hours and eventually headed back into shore.

When we got back, Captain Eric gutted and sliced the fish for us and the local restaurant cooked the sailfish up into an amazing feast. Tonight we’re heading down to the beach to light a fire and cook my mahi-mahi while watching the sunset. All the fishing men in my family should be very proud!


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