Puerto Escondido

24 Sep

20120924-113616.jpg20120924-113601.jpgAfter a hellish 7 hour bus ride from Oaxaca, with 7 hungover Australians, 5 Mexicans and an Englishman plus packed jammed into a very small minivan, we made it to Puerto Escondido and made our way to the first hostel we could find. That hostel was Hostal Shalom and it was very, very strange- think it was haunted and had jaguars fighting outside our dorm at night (slight exaggeration).

The good news is that we found an amazing house on Airbnb that sleeps about ten people with amazing views and a rooftop mini pool, huge kitchen and loads of chill out space for about $12 a night each.

Not too sure about Puerto Escondido yet- had a night out last night which was a bit seedy. Guys outnumber girls about 10 to 1 and it got a bit uncomfortable, so we ended up heading home. To the beach today and then out fishing tomorrow, so can’t be all bad!





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