Oaxaca – Day three

22 Sep

Day three in Oaxaca was a very chilled out day. The night before turned from a night of playing cards in the hostel to quite a big night involving me singing (very badly) with a guy from the hostel, Jake (actually a very good singer and loud enough to drown me out), at  a random bar to a bunch of locals, dancing, shots, more dancing and piggy backs.

When we arrived home to the hostel, someone (me) thought it was a good idea to make tortillas (it wasn’t) and then someone (me again) dropped a knife on my foot resulting in quite a deep cut. Cut to a lot of blood and waking Kel up to play doctor, who did an amazing job of patching me up. Probably should have got stiches but seem to be healing up ok now.

So yesterday was spent nursing a sore foot and even sorer head, checking out the town and markets. Another big night and extremely fun night out last night with everyone from the hostel. Started off at a rock bar and then made our way to Cafe Central, apparently the coolest place in Oaxaca. A lot of dancing, a lot of drinking, a lot of hugging, bongos and hugs from short mexican ladies. Good fun, but doesn’t bode well for an 8 hour bus ride to Puerto Escondido today.


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