Oaxaca – Day Two

21 Sep

Kel and I separated for the first time today. Kel headed off to do some mountain bike riding with the guy’s we’ve met and I headed off to some markets with some girls that we met at the hostel, Josie and Emily.

We thought we were heading to an artisan market at a town outside of Oaxaca City, but we arrived to find local food market with no craft in sight. Josie spoke some basic Spanish to a local lady who assured us that the craft market was just a short tuk-tuk ride away, so we jump in a tuk-tuk and bump down a dirt track for about ten minutes… only to find ourselves at the local cattle market. While I would love to bring a bull or goat home, I don’t think the idea will float with customs.

Josie and I headed back to the food markets for a while and bought ourselves some ingredients to make tortillas tonight, almost bought a turtle and tried eating some crickets (taste like sundried tomato, but gross). We then headed back into town to the actual craft markets. Bought myself some pained ceramic skulls and am going to head back tomorrow to buy some blankets and a hammock – make some room for that package, Mum.

Josie and I wandered around town for a few more hours in the sun and then found ourselves a sunny spot in the Zocalo to drink beer, chat and watch the world go by. Happy.



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