Mexico City: Day Two!

18 Sep


Caught the train into Zocalo to check out the square where we had been the previous night for Independence Day celebrations, drop into the info center and do a bit of shopping while we were there…. Turned out to be a complete fail!

We turned up to discover that the celebrations were still continuing with the military parade in full swing! With choppers, planes and jets cracking around the sky’s and a massive foot parade marching right in the middle of where we wanted to be! Was a pretty impressive aerial display but to far back to see much else. So we decide for plan B the Museo Nacional de Antropologia museum that apparently cant be missed, only problem was we had no idea how to get there… So we found the nearest hostel luckily just around the Corner and the Señorita there was happy to help giving us maps and info. So off we went back to metro maze!

3 trains later and we surface quiet happy with our efforts, starting to get Mexico city metro worked out (it’s actually is a really good system and easy to follow, just a bit daunting to start). When we surface a  military parade kicking on and this time we were able to get right into  the action and even able to get some photos with some soldiers. Once  we’d had enough of that off to the museum it was! Apparently its free on Sunday’s, but as we discovered maybe not so for gringos.

The museum was huge and absolutely amazing!!! …If you’re into museum that is……. As Shailei and myself discovered we really find them boring and tiresome, by not even halfway through we were wishing it over but felt obligated to stay on and finish even if it did just mean  walking pass the 2nd half at a pace… in our defense though, it didn’t  help that about 90% of the info was in Spanish! Still don’t know how  some people can spend apparently a whole day there. After the museum  head back underground and made out way back to our temporary home for a  cruisy night as we had a super early start the next day at 8:30… Hey  we’re on holidays!


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