¡Viva Mexico!

16 Sep


Today was a brilliant day. After sleeping off the last of our jetlag, we decided to brave the streets of Mexico City to check out Bazar Sababado (Saturday markets) and the Frida Kahlo museum.

We thought we had all of the direction under control until we literally (that’s for you, Paul) took one step outside of the house and realised we weren’t sure whether we needed to turn left or right. After a few minutes we managed to get it right and start off in the right direction, only to find ourselves about a km too far from where we needed to be.\

Eventually we made it to the markets which were an awesome mix of paintings, craft, jewelery and what-not, and then back to the Frida Kahlo museum, which was interesting despite neither of us knowing exactly what is was that Frida Kahlo was famous for.
After that we headed home via Coyocan Square where the Mexican Independence day celebrations had already started, with music and food and carnival rides lining the street.

This evening we headed into Zocolo in the main part of town for the Independence day party.We started off in a very cheap, very fun Cantina with beer, tequila, popcorn and dancing and then made our way into the main square for the celebrations with Ang, her boyfriend  Steve and some of their friends. The line to get into the square went for 5 blocks but moved relatively quickly – much appreciated when you’re standing in the rain, Kel in a hoodie and me in a “waterproof” jacket.
The square was absolutely packed full of people with the surrounding walls covered in lights and the cathedral light up in green, white and red. At 11, El Presidente comes out onto the balcony and yells “¡Viva Mexico¡” to which everyone responds “¡VIVA!”. By this stage the rain was absolutely torrential- I say i’ve never been more soaked in my life but Kel tells me it was just a normal afternoon shower in Darwin in the wet season. Either way it was an extremely fun night with very cool people.

Tomorrow we’re thinking of heading to the Teotihuacan ruins, but lets see how we feel in the morning…


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