Welcome to Mexico City

15 Sep

We arrived in absolutely mental Mexico City last night after a day of travel – from hours waiting in LAX for our flight to Mexico City, 1.5 hours waiting for a taxi and then another hour taxi ride to our Couchsurfing hosts place in Coyoacán.
I was all prepared to write a boring post about our travel day, but as soon as we arrived at Angelica’s place, she and her friend asked us to go to a local Cantina (bar) for some drinks with her friends. We dropped our bags and headed out too the local bar that has cheap beer and bad/good local music. There was a very drunk westerner looking guy in the corner who spent most of the night staring at the wall and a water pipe that was leaking behind our chair which meant our feet got very, very wet.

Though we had no idea what was actually happening most of the time (first thing to do: learn Spanish), we had a brilliant night with a bunch of locals (and a token English guy). Finished the night off with some proper, authentic tacos (beef, pineapple, onion, coriander) and a 2am drive by tour of the local area which we’re going to explore today.

Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day, so we’re heading into the town center (Zocalo) for the celebrations and fireworks with Angelica and her friends.

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