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Playa Manzanillo

30 Sep

Another very lazy day at the beach – sunshine, snorkeling, sleeping and tonight, spaghetti.

Last night in Puerto Escondido tonight. Tomorrow we catch the night bus to San Cristobal.
That’s about it!


Carrizalillo, big nights and lazy days

29 Sep

It’s been a very lazy two days in Puerto Escondido, interrupted only by one very big night at our beach pad. After rising late and all pitching in to make an amazing Mexican-inspired breakfast, we spent the day on Playa Carrizalillo and chilling 0ut on the hammocks at home and watching an amazing sunset.

We met two English girls at the beach who came over in the evening, which quickly escalated into a bit of a bender, ending (for some) at 10am this morning.

Unsurprisingly, today was spent doing a lot of sitting around, reading, sleeping and eating. We’ve just been for a swim, had a feed and spoken to the family on skype, so now its time for some more reading, researching our next destination and watching a DVD.

Tomorrow is some more surf lessons, beaching and chilling out. Two more days in Puerto before we catch the 13 hour night bus up to San Cristobal De Las Casas for some more exploring, jungle ruins and waterfalls before we make our way to Merida, Cancun and over to Cuba.

Surfing in Puerto Escondido

26 Sep

Last night, while cooking up an amazing fish dinner, Kel was bitten by a scorpion who (we figure) came rushing out from underneath the oven when it was turned on. We figured, since it was brown, it shouldn’t be too bad and didnt rush him to hospital. Luckily he was alive in the morning, so our logic is clearly undeniable.

6 of us headed off for a surfing lesson this morning- we had a guy approach us on the beach yesterday, so hue picked us up this morning and took us out.

Was hard work getting 5 hungover bodies out of bed and we had a few dramas due to lack of waves and lack of surfboards at one beach, but eventually we made it out at La Punta on Zicatela beach.

Managed to smash myself a few times (huge bruise on my hip) but got a few good waves (very proud of myself) and Kel caned it for a good few waves as well.

Not much more to report on today – had an awesome siesta in of the many hammocks at our place and now I’m here. Tonight we cook lasagne and chill.

Tomorrow I think I might  hire a board and give surfing a go at another, smaller beach. Also good for diving there, so we might try and grab some lobsters. Well – Kel is likely to grab some… I’m likely to bob around on the top or get my hand caught in a crevice…

Fishing in Puerto Escondido

25 Sep

Yesterday was a very chilled day, starting with a few hours at the beach and an afternoon of reading, sleeping and family food shopping at the local market.

Up bright and early this morning for a morning of deep sea fishing. We jumped into our captain Eric’s boat and headed out to the continental shelf where we had dolphins cruising and jumping and a bunch of turtles making sweet, sweet love around the boat.

Kel was first up and managed to haul in a HUGE sailfish, apparently the first sailfish he’s ever caught and one of the biggest fish he’s caught to boot. I pulled up a smaller but much more colourful mahi-mahi with a lot of effort – that fishing business is hard work. My arms were absolutely pumping with blood and I was exhausted.

Unfortunately (for the rest of our adopted family) that’s when the fish decided to have a nap so we didnt catch anymore, so we cruised around for a few more hours and eventually headed back into shore.

When we got back, Captain Eric gutted and sliced the fish for us and the local restaurant cooked the sailfish up into an amazing feast. Tonight we’re heading down to the beach to light a fire and cook my mahi-mahi while watching the sunset. All the fishing men in my family should be very proud!

Puerto Escondido

24 Sep

20120924-113616.jpg20120924-113601.jpgAfter a hellish 7 hour bus ride from Oaxaca, with 7 hungover Australians, 5 Mexicans and an Englishman plus packed jammed into a very small minivan, we made it to Puerto Escondido and made our way to the first hostel we could find. That hostel was Hostal Shalom and it was very, very strange- think it was haunted and had jaguars fighting outside our dorm at night (slight exaggeration).

The good news is that we found an amazing house on Airbnb that sleeps about ten people with amazing views and a rooftop mini pool, huge kitchen and loads of chill out space for about $12 a night each.

Not too sure about Puerto Escondido yet- had a night out last night which was a bit seedy. Guys outnumber girls about 10 to 1 and it got a bit uncomfortable, so we ended up heading home. To the beach today and then out fishing tomorrow, so can’t be all bad!




Oaxaca – Day three

22 Sep

Day three in Oaxaca was a very chilled out day. The night before turned from a night of playing cards in the hostel to quite a big night involving me singing (very badly) with a guy from the hostel, Jake (actually a very good singer and loud enough to drown me out), at  a random bar to a bunch of locals, dancing, shots, more dancing and piggy backs.

When we arrived home to the hostel, someone (me) thought it was a good idea to make tortillas (it wasn’t) and then someone (me again) dropped a knife on my foot resulting in quite a deep cut. Cut to a lot of blood and waking Kel up to play doctor, who did an amazing job of patching me up. Probably should have got stiches but seem to be healing up ok now.

So yesterday was spent nursing a sore foot and even sorer head, checking out the town and markets. Another big night and extremely fun night out last night with everyone from the hostel. Started off at a rock bar and then made our way to Cafe Central, apparently the coolest place in Oaxaca. A lot of dancing, a lot of drinking, a lot of hugging, bongos and hugs from short mexican ladies. Good fun, but doesn’t bode well for an 8 hour bus ride to Puerto Escondido today.

Oaxaca – Day Two

21 Sep

Kel and I separated for the first time today. Kel headed off to do some mountain bike riding with the guy’s we’ve met and I headed off to some markets with some girls that we met at the hostel, Josie and Emily.

We thought we were heading to an artisan market at a town outside of Oaxaca City, but we arrived to find local food market with no craft in sight. Josie spoke some basic Spanish to a local lady who assured us that the craft market was just a short tuk-tuk ride away, so we jump in a tuk-tuk and bump down a dirt track for about ten minutes… only to find ourselves at the local cattle market. While I would love to bring a bull or goat home, I don’t think the idea will float with customs.

Josie and I headed back to the food markets for a while and bought ourselves some ingredients to make tortillas tonight, almost bought a turtle and tried eating some crickets (taste like sundried tomato, but gross). We then headed back into town to the actual craft markets. Bought myself some pained ceramic skulls and am going to head back tomorrow to buy some blankets and a hammock – make some room for that package, Mum.

Josie and I wandered around town for a few more hours in the sun and then found ourselves a sunny spot in the Zocalo to drink beer, chat and watch the world go by. Happy.